Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is This Really About Fishing?????

I read a post on one of the forums asking if we should be upset if something changes our opening day plans??? Damn right, we should be!!!! Our lives have been altered through no fault of our own. If we weren't, some might think that our passion has not hit the level needed for transformation of thought into creative action. Kind of like taking the last shot with half a second left without thinking of what to do. It just is, and comes without premeditation. We are one with the quarry.

All winter I am fantasizing about that first cast in a place I love. I'm there early to be number 1 on my favorite run. My life is connected to these places and that is clear. I am always seeking the perfect wave!!

This is not about competition. It is about the undisturbed antithesis of our other than family passions. We need to take the act of angling to that special moment lost in time.

When expectations are removed we have the ability to change for sure. The only thing that is lost are the brain cells used while creating perfection in our mind.

The very good part of change is that all is transformed with that first fish. We are in the zone, time doesn't matter and life goes on.

So, are we happy now?


Saturday, March 20, 2010

When You See A Rainbow

It's time for the Bows.  Through the month of March, no matter what the weather, when the urge hits, the run will be on.  Where is your favorite lake or pond with hold over rainbow trout?  What is the inflowing river? 

Don't be surprised to pull out the biggest trout you have ever seen or maybe a good size Landlocked Salmon.


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Orange Dog

The Orange Dog Step By Step On YouTube
Thread- Black 8/0
Hook- Daiichi 452 Stanless Or Your Favorite Tube Hook
Connector Tube- Red
Body Tube- Eumer Brass Teardrop Black
Inner Tube- Eumer Silicone Small
1st Wing- Purple Angel Hair Flash-a-bou
2nd Wing- Lilac Fine Deer Hair
3rd Wing- Orange Arctic Fox
1st Collar- Orange Spey Hackle
2nd Collar- Black Blue Eared Pheasant
Eyes- Jungle Cock Nails
Cone- Eumer Monster Cone Copper

This fly is designed for fishing Steelhead and Brown Trout in Western New York State on the swing.  The style comes from Scandinavian  flies called Temple Dogs as this is the very soft and flowing hair that is used in their patterns.  If you change the colors and keep the basis of construction you will have a very complete selection to use for two hand rods with Skagit and Shooting lines.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Come On!!!!!! Let's Go Fishing

This week I received an Email from a fellow who saw a post I made on a New England fishing forum. He related how the post reminded him of times with his late brother and said to me, "you made my day friend".

My emotions were conflicted between sorrow and joy. I was able to empathize with this part of life as I also have a brother. We have shared the special bond of fishing in some wonderful places. At the same time, I was deeply moved with how a small action of mine could touch some ones life.

Each October, for I don't remember how many years, my brother and I traveled to New Brunswick, Canada and fished for Atlantic Salmon. We would spend four days on the Marimichi, Cains, Dungarven, Bartholomew and Renous. Sadly, our last trip was now over ten years ago and for me something is missing.

The years are flying by, life seems more complicated and there are so many distractions, including this blog, but for some time each year we should all find a way to go back. Simply put, what could be more important than a few days with your brother? A few days that will represent a mere fraction of our available existence. I don't care if it's New Brunswick or New York or New Jersey or New Hampshire so long as we make it happen.

I'm sorry that I have taken some ones fond memories and related them to me. On the other hand I am thankful for being shown what is truly important.

Come On!!!!!! Let's Go Fishing

Sunday, March 14, 2010

In And Around The Lake

I traveled to a number of spots that I like around Lake Winnipesaukee yesterday. I wanted to get out, before the big rain, and check out if the Salmon and Trout were moving yet. The only fish I found were below the bridge in Alton Bay. I saw both Salmon and Rainbows moving in and out. Nothing above the bridge at all.

The highlight of the day was going to the Powder Mill Fish Hatchery in New Durham. The breeders are very big this year and both Brook and Rainbow Trout are ready to be stocked.

I had a great day and never cast a fly.


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Matapedia Rose

Hook-Gamagatzu Salmon T10-6H Matte Nickel
Tag-Ultra Fine French Twist Silver
Tail-Lady Amherst Tippet Natural Red
Tag-Black Ostrich Hurl
Body-Red Holographic Mylar
Rib-Ultra Fine French Twist Silver
1st Wing-Pink Marabou on top only
2nd Wing- 3 ultra fine strands blue holographic flash
1st Collar- Red Marabou
2nd Collar-Black Blue Eared Pheasant
Eyes-Jungle Cock
Head & Thread 14/0 Black


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

April Swing

The word is anglers having the greatest success for Steelhead are using  some very large Rabbit Leach and Sculpin style flies.  Just look at what Greg Senyo, from Ohio, is doing in Steelhead Alley.
I have been building a number of these flies in bright to very drab patterns.  I plan to go to Pulaski at least twice from now through April and want to swing with two hand rods.                                                                              
I have also been developing what I call the dangle style of mending line.  Simply, I cast at a right angle and keep throwing additional line in up stream mends as the fly moves down stream.  I keep just enough tension on the line for the fly to swim but not swing quickly.

When the fly has completed the swing hold it in the current for as much as a full minute.

Now you are fishing Danglers on the Dangle.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Joss Hole Tail-Out

This is the tail-out of The Joss Hole on the Salmon River in New York.  The photo was taken just after a large Steelhead rolled on my fly in the center of the flow.

In a few weeks the time will come for the winters run to start moving back to the lake.   At the same time the spring bright fish are arriving each day.  The water starts to warm and the Steelhead get more active and will strike a big fly.

This is a great time to be on the Douglaston Salmon Run purely swinging with two hands.


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Friday, March 5, 2010

Egg Sucking Stone

This very simple fly is a must for Steelhead in the spring.  Commonly known as The Red Head and can be fished in a dead drift or on a swing.  This was one of Whitakers hot flies of the month in the fall.

Hook: Tiemco #2457
Thread: Black 8/0 Uni
Body: Black Uni-Mohair Flowing
Egg: Chinese Red Uni -Yarn
Weight is Optional

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Monday, March 1, 2010

'For Judy'

Six years ago a good friend of my wife and I went through a battle with cancer. I don't think I would have survived what she experienced. While in the heart of treatment, I visited with her and what impressed me most was she could laugh.

Now, if you know Judy, then you know that this is not just any laugh. It is one that comes from deep down and has a life of it's own. What I heard and saw that night was the strength demanded to defeat her illness. She lives happy and well in recovery.

I present, 'For Judy', my entry into the Casting For Recovery Pink Fly Contest. If you are a long time fly fisher you know the true joy of our sport is not catching fish. It is the transformation of reality to a place where time is lost. Please make a donation today that will give recovering women the freedom we experience while lost in time.


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What Is The Most Important Aspect

For February, in my monthly poll, I asked what the most important aspect of a fly would be.  Size, Presentation, Color and Pattern were the choices.  Overwhelmingly, 63% of you chose Presentation.

So, let's be clear.  If I were to make the perfect presentation of a perfectly tied caddis dry that was red and not the correct olive color in a size 4 not the correct size 14,  should expect to fool an 18 inch hold over brown that has seen the best of the best?  Or maybe,  if I have the perfectly correct caddis dry that is the exact size as the natural in a perfectly matching color and I drag it under the surface then should also expect to fool that same fish?

Are you getting the picture?  Think about it like this.  I first position myself with as much stealth as possible in the run I want to fish.  Then the first thing I must do is think about the conditions.  Time of day, temperature, wind,  weather and barometric pressure let alone water conditions and water color.  I am taking in all that I can including if there is any insect activity.  Then I choose my pattern by size,  because having the wrong pattern and size creates a major problem.  We have all had the frustration of the guy just down stream who is on fire and we can't buy a fish. What fly are you using?  At the same exact time I pick pattern and size I am choosing the color.  So then the last thing I must do is create the perfect presentation.  I am converting thought into physical action.  Yes?

My point is that there is no correct or wrong answer.  Without getting all four correct we are limited to the fish that have just been stocked or just too hungry to say no.  When you go to the river, have a mental check list of what is truly important for your success.  Treat pattern, color, size and presentation as if they are one action.

I promise that the poll for March is not a trick question.

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