Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trout Fishing Has It's Moments, Some Teach Humility

I woke up this morning and yesterday was on my mind.  My gut is just in a knot over the events that happened and I am totally baffled.  Let me explain.
I arrived at the river at 7am, not early and not that late either. My friend, Al, was a few minutes ahead of me and crossed over to river right.  Things looked as perfect as can be for the river to fish well and the recent high water should have brought some bright ones down from the lake.  I decided to take up a well know position on river left.  I was in a wonderful frame of mind and starting the day with great anticipation.

Within a few moments, Al was into fish number one.  When he landed number three I crossed over as I figured all the fish must be there as the reason for my lack of connection.  I would work the run, Al would step in behind me and hook a fish.  I would put on a curtain fly, Al would do the same and hook a fish.  This was getting very troubling as I played gillie netting fish after fish for this well accomplished and knowledgeable angler. I was being schooled.

I did everything possible to get the set up correct.  I changed leader lengths, added weight, removed weight. went through dozens of flies, even ones I had Al give me from his box, and nothing, not one take could I make happen even though I worked as hard as possible..

The day came to a conclusion when a couple with two big dogs showed up and thought it would be a good thing to throw rocks and big sticks in the pool.  I guess dogs are more important than people at times.  Maybe this was the fate of my day.  Put me off the water and out of my misery.

Al finished the day with ten hooked and eight landed ranging from eighteen to twenty one inches.  All rainbows and very beautiful.

I will continue to figure this out.  It seems like I will have to evaluate every aspect of my setup.

Al left the river in a state of total bliss.  Like he was a child again in full appreciation for what just happened.  This was a very good thing to see.   Me, on the other hand am haunted by this day and by the experience.  Can't wait till Sunday for another dose of humility.



Jim Trick said...

Al is an amazing man and one of the greatest fly fishermen I have ever known.... I'm picking him up in the AM for my own dose of humiliation. Great blog my friend.

Jim Trick said...

Yup.... pure humiliation!!!! He landed a 22" rainbow! Beautiful fish. He worked hard for it.... I had a brief hook up... Ugg!!!!