Saturday, December 29, 2012

To Loop Or Not To Loop, Is It Really To Be Questioned?

I understand the aesthetic value to a perfect nail knot.  I also know that having a loop connection on some of my lines has purpose.  The reason to loop is that you might expect the line will be used with tips or poly leaders.  A Skagit should always have a loop.  The reason not to loop a line is if that line will never be used with tips or poly leaders.  Your three weight dry fly line has no need for a loop and should be treated as light as possible at the connection between line and leader.  End of story.

I saw a quote today that read, "as soon as I get a new fly line I cut those #$#@#@$%$# loops off".  Let's just say that I like to keep my options open.  Our fly lines are the vehicle that delivers the fly in the correct presentation that is needed for the fish to take.  The fish doesn't give a damn if there is a loop on your fly line or not.

To Loop Or Not To Loop is an easy question to answer.


Unknown said...

A question more than a comment. I have just purchased a switch line that has a loop. This is for a 4/5 switch rod that has its main purpose of trout or trout sized fish. I have not used poly leaders,but use only mono leaders that tie myself. Will using a looped mono leader damage the loop on the switch line once a land a few nice sized trout?
If it will, what options do I have to protect the loop from damage as I trout fish?


William said...

Thanks for the question. That loop is very important. It is what gives you all the available options that a modern switch rod can offer. If your line is a switch line it is expecting weight compensation on the front end to then use the belly for your casts. Learning basic switch casts and Spey style casts will greatly increase what the rod can do. Poly leaders of different lengths and sinks rates are great to have available.

I use a switch rod in 4 weight as well as one in 5 weight for trout and landlocked salmon. The only time I put a mono leader to the loop is when I change from swinging to indicator nymphing. I use a perfection loop on the leader.

The loops do wear out and need to be fixed over time. You can learn to make a fused loop that is just like the one from the factory. I hope this helps. William