Friday, April 23, 2010

Peche Au Saumon A La Mouche

Spring comes later than usual in Quebec.  The trees have not started to show life as in our greening New England.  The word from up north this year is that things are progressing a bit faster than in the past.  With the full moon on May 27 we might be surprised with some earlier than usual arrivals.

It is now time to finalize and secure your Atlantic Salmon dates.  If you have not won water in the November draws, you may choose to play it by ear and wait to check conditions.  This is all well and good so long as private water with the best guides is not your game.  Given the state of our economy, there are some quality destinations still available.   The only time I have ever had an issue with lodging in Quebec was during my very first excursion in 1980.   I have always been able to find a bed, but I now always book in advance to be safe.

Thanks to the demands of the great people in Quebec, there is a substantial amount of public non reserved water available.  All rivers except The Restigouche, Grande Cascapedia, Ste. Anne and Madeline have open public stretches available for a daily access fee.  You can buy your license and access fee at a number of locations close to the river you choose.  Guides are not mandatory but will shorten your learning curve dramatically.

I have wonderful memories of Quebec, it's people and Salmon.  The days I spend on a Salmon river are all very dear.  My choice of location and timing holds a higher level of anticipation that a big white hot screamer might be lurking.

You cast a tight line, you and your guides eyes swing in tandem arc.......the boil......the pull.........I'm home.


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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Try To Get There Now

If there ever is a time to get out to New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania to fish for Steelhead it is now.  The water is warming and the fish will be traveling back to the lake as drop backs.  Also on some of the creeks there will be fresh fish on the move.

This is a perfect time to get out that two hand set up and swing flies.  Big marabou and bunny leeches will work. If you need to be more sophisticated then tie large tube files in Temple Dog and Sun Ray style.  Just so long as they are big and bright.  Pink, purple, black and bright blue will all work great.

For The Salmon River & Pulaski
Check the Water
Check the Weather
Check the Reports

There are other rivers that don't get as much attention as the Salmon River.  Look hard for more information west of Pulaski and you could take advantage of some of the best fishing in the North East.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have fished this fly with great success. Originally called the Green Butt Black Bear and now the Black Bear Green Butt. When the first Black Bear fly was created it had a yellow floss tag and no tail. The body was black floss and the throat was black hen hackle.Many patterns have been derived from that first tied Black Bear. You could make an entire complement of patterns by just changing the color of the tail, throat & butt. I'm going for the Black Bear Blue Butt next. In the spectrum of color that a salmon can see, black, blue, white and green are the winners. In full sun the spectrum is a total of 23 colors. In darkness, only black and white can be seen. You will notice that I have taken some liberty with materials in the video. Creativity is the route of invention. Try anything because it all works.


YouTube Step By Step Link

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fishless Day, Oh No!!!!

Saturday I set an alarm for 5am. I was promptly out of the house and made a one and a half hour drive so I could be on the river early. When I arrive there were already six rods in the water.

It felt like I was in Pulaski and I will need to set my alarm for 4am next time. I had been thinking of this morning all week with work being more than demanding. Even with the crowds, the fishing felt rewarding. I finished the day hooking six fish with one that screamed toward the down tree and snapped 6.4 pound test. For sure this was a salmon as the rainbows tend to dog the bottom. This fish, that took my Opechee Smelt fly, felt like it had some weight and may have exceeded twenty inches. Other flies that were working were Hot Pink San Juan Worms, Green Caddis Pupa, Heron flies, Jail Birds and Woody flies.

My hard to believe, and unanticipated, result was that all six fish hooked were lost. Mostly to dropping my barb free hooks. The salmon will take and then make very erratic movements sometimes straight into the air. Many times they will dart up river and then down like they are going back to the lake as fast as possible.

I must say that the anglers that were on the river today are really a great group. All with the passion and desire for a wonderful day fishing. The banter went on, up and down the run, till only a few die hard casters were left.

In the distance I can see them coming, around the bend and up to the run. The time between is but a moment. I am the moment and the time is the past.


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