Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Syd Glasso Orange Heron

It  is very rare for a completely new fly form to be credited to just one person.   But in the case of Syd Glasso it is exactly what happened.  Syd Glasso shared his Steelhead Spey style flies and the use of Saddle tips as Spey wings was born.

Although there seems to be no exacting list of patterns, as Mr. Glasso tied many variations of his flies, there are a number of patterns that are well known and in common use today.

A few are Black, Purple, Gold, Orange and Silver Heron.  Sol Duc, Sol Duc Dark and Sol Duc Spey.  Any steelhead river will be very honored to be fished with the work of Syd Glasso.  I just think it is a great deal of fun and will be some of my go to flies in New York this November.

Orange Heron (in my variation)
Alex Jackson Gold  3.0
Orange Floss Rear Body
Gold Tag & Rib
Orange Dubbing Front Body
Natural Blue Eared Pheasant from Floss Forward
Teal Collar Pulled Down
Four Orange Saddle Hackle Tips Wing
Red Head With Four Coats Clear