Fly Casting Instruction

At FlySpoke, I offer a full range of instructional services.    Please call 603-501-9511 or E-mail to discuss details.  Let my Fifty Years of experience, and both single and double hand certifications, make your fishing day a success. All one on one teaching we will be directed toward your goal as our target.  Group classes will have a detailed agenda.

Single Hand Casting
From beginner, to the long time caster who wants to get the most from a fishing day. Maybe that little bit of extra distance will be the desire.  The first step in making the catch is the ability to present the fly. Learn to read the water and understand the cast that is needed.  Proper equipment and the balance of lines, leaders and flies will be covered.  Two hand style casting will be offered for the single hand rod.
Traditional Spey Casting
Taught in the old world style of true Spey Casting.  A methodical approach is taken to learning the fine Scottish art with long rods and short to long belly lines.  Grease it up and fire away.  A dominant top and bottom hand exercise that will give you a strong desire to put on your Wellies and head for the Highlands.
Skagit Casting 
In the great Pacific Northwest the two hand Skagit style was developed to make fishing the deep canopy of a rugged land possible.  These pioneers developed the water load casts that propel heavy weighted flies and sinking tips to awaiting chrome.  The steelhead rivers of New York State and trout rivers in the North Woods provide a perfect arena for the Skagit style.
Scandinavian Underhand Casting
This is a wonderful approach to many rivers and species where long and short shooting heads are required.   This style is used when there is little back room is available and long casts are desired.  Five weight Trout to heavier Atlantic salmon situations are covered.  A great approach to long casts with sinking lines and heads.  Also overhead casting with two hand rods and shooting heads will be employed.
Switch Rod Condensed
Today the evolution of the Switch Rod has made it possible to carry one rod to the river or coast and give the angler the ability to make the switch from single to double handed styles in a matter of moments.  Having the knowledge of what is possible and the ability to execute each concept is of the greatest value.  Learn about the lines and techniques necessary to get the most from the switch.