Monday, September 10, 2012

Two Hands On The Beach

An increasing area of Two Hand Casting is in the salt.  Busting shooting head and Scandi Line casts 100 to 130 feet offers the ability to get your fly over a wave set or two. Big Bait style flies can also be cast with ease when using Skagit type lines and casts in tidal locations. The concept result is a simple one. Less false casting means more time stripping your fly in the water.

This class is designed to start with The Modern Continuous Tension Switch Cast and Overhead techniques and end casting 15 foot 9 and 10 weight shooting heads into the moon rise. 

This open location will allow a wide range of styles to be covered at the same time. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012 at the North Beach Bowl,  Hampton, New Hampshire.  Parking is available at the end of Rt. 27 and the bowl is 200 yards to the north. Class will start at 2PM and end at dusk when you are welcome to fish into the night. High tide is at 6:50PM.
$40 Per Caster with 6 Casters maximum.   Your equipment or mine. This is a great opportunity for the first time two hand caster to really understand what to purchase in rods and lines. 
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It's Monday night and I just finished a two hour practice on the beach.  What a spectacular location when the sun is going down.  I worked dominant hand down on switch casts, overhead casts and snap T casts.
Someone was busy at low tide today.  I practiced for an hour.
Structure of the Bowl