Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Little Black Caddis

Ever been in the middle of a Caddis hatch.  You know the one where the tan and brown adults are dancing all over the surface.  So many that it is hard to understand why your perfectly tied #14 Elk Hair or Henryville isn't getting the time of day from the fish.

Next time it happens look very carefully into the surface film.  The Little Black Caddis makes no commotion as it sits on the surface laying its eggs.  The trout seem to be lazily sipping while hundreds of the little ones brethren dancing all around.   I am a firm believer that trout eat what tastes best at that moment.  If you are given a choice you will eat the one that tastes best as well.  Have a few of these tied in sizes 16 and 18 in the box and look to see what might be hidden.

Click on the photo for the tying video

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