Monday, April 5, 2010

Fishless Day, Oh No!!!!

Saturday I set an alarm for 5am. I was promptly out of the house and made a one and a half hour drive so I could be on the river early. When I arrive there were already six rods in the water.

It felt like I was in Pulaski and I will need to set my alarm for 4am next time. I had been thinking of this morning all week with work being more than demanding. Even with the crowds, the fishing felt rewarding. I finished the day hooking six fish with one that screamed toward the down tree and snapped 6.4 pound test. For sure this was a salmon as the rainbows tend to dog the bottom. This fish, that took my Opechee Smelt fly, felt like it had some weight and may have exceeded twenty inches. Other flies that were working were Hot Pink San Juan Worms, Green Caddis Pupa, Heron flies, Jail Birds and Woody flies.

My hard to believe, and unanticipated, result was that all six fish hooked were lost. Mostly to dropping my barb free hooks. The salmon will take and then make very erratic movements sometimes straight into the air. Many times they will dart up river and then down like they are going back to the lake as fast as possible.

I must say that the anglers that were on the river today are really a great group. All with the passion and desire for a wonderful day fishing. The banter went on, up and down the run, till only a few die hard casters were left.

In the distance I can see them coming, around the bend and up to the run. The time between is but a moment. I am the moment and the time is the past.


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Guide: Jonathan said...


I was up there fishing across the river from you that day. I did real well there on Easter, and no crowds!
Have you been up since? Is there more salmon in the river?