Thursday, April 15, 2010

Try To Get There Now

If there ever is a time to get out to New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania to fish for Steelhead it is now.  The water is warming and the fish will be traveling back to the lake as drop backs.  Also on some of the creeks there will be fresh fish on the move.

This is a perfect time to get out that two hand set up and swing flies.  Big marabou and bunny leeches will work. If you need to be more sophisticated then tie large tube files in Temple Dog and Sun Ray style.  Just so long as they are big and bright.  Pink, purple, black and bright blue will all work great.

For The Salmon River & Pulaski
Check the Water
Check the Weather
Check the Reports

There are other rivers that don't get as much attention as the Salmon River.  Look hard for more information west of Pulaski and you could take advantage of some of the best fishing in the North East.

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