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My name is William Ciaurro and I live in Candia, New Hampshire.  I am an International Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Two Hand(THCI) and Single Hand Casting Instructor.  I also build custom single and two hand fly rods.  I love fly fishing and have since age eleven on the streams of New Jersey. Atlantic Salmon is now my greatest angling passion and have been fortunate to cast a line on more than 40 salmon rivers world wide.  I have been casting two hand rods for almost 20 years.  I started overhand style from a Gaspe Boats to cover more water and have the tip of the rod pass over the guides head without lifting my swing.  Today I am proficient in Skagit, Scandi, Spey and Salter.  Matching the right rod, line and casting style to your needs is my greatest goal.

When I teach it is all about you and your needs

My custom rod building is also based on what will be best for your angling style as well as your budget. No mater if the blank is from my PRO Series or Sage, Thomas & Thomas, Epic, Lamiglas, Orvis, Winston, Beulah or a number of other fine quality makers, my highest quality  workmanship is treated as a standard.  I demand this level in my casting tools and will make sure you have the same.  

Within my FlySpoke Blog and my website The FlySpoke Shop you will find a substantial amount of information about me and what I do.  On Facebook my page can be accessed at FlySpoke on Facebook

I am available by phone at 603-501-9511 and email at William@FlySpoke.com to discuss custom rod builds, fly purchases and private as well as group lessons.  You will find a listing of my location classes posted as events on my Facebook Page.

Thank you so much for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon.

All the very best,


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