Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sometimes At Berry Brook They Are Just An Illusion.........

Each year I spend some time at Berry Brook in Rye, New Hampshire.  This location has the possibility to reward you with a sea run Brown Trout that can be as large as eight pounds.   I always try to fit in a day or two during December to stop and watch the water.  I don't even take the rod from the car unless I see a fish.  The rod has left the car three times over the last fifteen years.

Today was just a beautiful morning with the sun shinning and a constant wisp of high clouds moving from the South West.  From Brackett Street you have a good vantage point by standing on the river right up stream corner of the bridge.  Remember these are large fish you are hunting and the slightest turn will cause the water to move.  I keep my eyes moving from above to below the bridge.  Fifteen minutes moves to an hour and I am now forcing myself to stay.  On the down river side I am doing my best to wait for the tide to start to build with the hope of a fish moving up.  On the up river side I am hoping for a fish that has traveled and is in the deeper holding pool.  I have seen them in both these locations yet the only action has been below the bridge on an in coming tide.

As angling accomplishments go, the illusive Brown Trout of Berry Brook still rank high on my stringer list.  Hooking two and landing none has kept it out of reach.  I'm sure that I will continue to show up a few times a year when the time is right.  Today was just another day spent with an illusion.......


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