Thursday, December 29, 2011

In The Spirit Of Winter Angling

New Year's Day is often shrouded in a blanket of deep snow here in New England.  Arriving at the river early usually means frozen guides and enough layers of clothing to make mobility a bit harder than usual.  The only things that will stop me from being out, this hallowed season opener, will be single digit temperatures or very dangerous driving conditions.  It's looking pretty good on both counts right now with clear skies and temperatures in the mid to upper thirties..

This is a day that can be very special and seems to be gaining interest, as my email has been active with inquiries from friends wanting to be out and on the water.   January 1 is imprinted in my being and is not one I want to miss.

Today, I had the dog out back for a walk and it is the first time this year the trees were cracking in a stiff wind.  The pond down the street should be solid with skaters playing hockey but is still open water.  I keep thinking that the law of averages is going to be demanded and January is going to be hard to take.  The North Atlantic Oscillation is telling me the colder temps should hold off for a few days at least.

For now, I am in front of a fire reflecting on one of the finest angling years of my life and looking forward to Sunday to get it started again.  My fly box has been readied for a month now with a great winter selection of proven winners.  The high water of early December has leveled to a perfect flow and the snow cover starting to accumulate in the North Country will keep levels safe.

There are many great places to fish during winter.  So many avid anglers don't take part in the off season and are missing some great fun.  Think about the possibilities near you.  Is there a post spawn Brown Trout river with a dam above the area you fish.  How about a lake with a dam that releases water to meet winter levels and harbors Landlocked Salmon and trout that might emigrate.  Good places to swing a Black Ghost for sure.  Think about where the fish would be during the middle of winter and you just might find a rainbow.........I'm just saying...........

Wishing you a safe and wonderful New Year with many adventures and a few big fish......


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