Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekend Rainbows On The Run

The bows are moving nicely right now.  I am amazed at the range of flies that these lake run fish will take.  This one hit a hot pink San Juan Micro worm.  Never my go to fly but one that was shared on the river.  We were also successful with Orange Eggs, Caddis Pupa, Hendrickson, Olive Leech and Pheasant Tails. 

Saturday started out very cold with the guides freezing until 1pm.  I was never able to get warm until hitting D&D's for a hot chocolate on the ride home.  All toll for a group of eight, between Saturday & Sunday, about a dozen and a half fish were landed with the smallest at 16 inches.  The largest was 20+ inches that hit a Caddis.

The key to this style of fishing is, with out a doubt, a slow and natural flow presentation.  None of my fish hit a swinging fly even though I was fishing a streamer or leech as my top fly.  What this tells me is that the water is still cold and the metabolism of the trout low.  Always be aware of the distance between your indicator and the first weight.  Many anglers are using a weighted fly as the way to get down.  As no two pools are the same depth and speed you must always adjust.

Very soon the water will warm and it will be the suckers turn to spawn.  This time becomes the high point of the spring season for me when the Landlocked Salmon move in to feed on Sucker spawn.  As long as the water holds the Smelt will arrive and we should have good salmon fishing for the month of April and a decent chunk of May.