Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spey Fly?

There are big differences between the Traditional Spey Fly and the modern flies that are being tied today with long hackles.  From Steelhead to Atlantic Salmon fishing the use of long rods and flies with long hackles are being called 'Spey' like it is as generic as facial tissue.

In my opinion, to call this wonderful style of flies using more modern materials and more diverse hackles Spey flies, limits the true creative flair that has been implemented on our side of the pond.  Don't get me wrong, Spey, Dee, Don and British Feather Wings are wonderful examples of the style of that day.   As the Northern European casters move to tubes in Temple Dog and Sun Ray style, we for sure will follow suit.  I just think that today we should call this style of flies our own.  I call them North American Collar Flies.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Sad Truth About Climate Change

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, on a fishing forum, I had a very difficult encounter over my position on Climate Change and the relationship to fishing.  I did my best to not be political.  The responses that were posted on the forum became increasingly so.  Even though many members posted real statistics in volume they were discarded by some.

How do we confront the most important issue for the future of our country and planet without the conversation turning political?  Why can't we have a lucid conversation that culminates in an intelligent conclusion and course of action?

Is Global Warming and Climate Change real?  I personally think so.  Should we do anything about it?  I think that we have a duty to God and Country to do so?

I posted this chart as what I see as courses of action as I do not see middle ground on this topic.  You ether want to do something or you don't.
What was replied from one member was a rash of information about treating people as morons by using fear as a motive.

I did nothing of the sort.  I truly do not see any alternatives to these positions.  The poster did not offer a fifth option.  Just rants about taxes, hunger the death penalty and Al Gores private jets.

I know that talking about this topic has ramifications that may have some of you tune me out.  If you do then it is my opinion that you are making a political choice and not basing your action on data.  I don't believe that Climate Change is happening or not based on what the talking heads have to say.  I base it on the last fifty years of charted statistics.  I also believe that the situation can move in the other direction with one good volcano.

In the forum discussion some wanted to tune out.  Please don't.  My position is that we must all try to civilly work together on this problem.  "Divided We Fall"  The little things can mean so much in total.  Water filters rather than plastic bottles,  reusable shopping bags and not paper or plastic,  making your next auto purchase have better mileage, supporting higher fuel standards,  supporting reusable energy companies,  the list goes on.

So how does this relate to a fishing blog?

Water, air, climate and the desire to keep them safe for generations to come.  I am not trying to offend anyone or pick sides in an election but given the events in the Gulf Of Mexico over the past month, Drill Baby Drill is not high on my list of solutions to better fishing.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fly Tying Tip 103

When using floss always make sure that you match the effect desired with a twist.  If you use floss loosely spun it will apply very flat.  When wrapping from head to tag and back make sure that the wrap at the tag is twisted tighter and then made loose to go back to the head.  This will give a flat body and not have your floss fall off the end when fishing.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Can Lightning Strike Twice??????

On Friday night I received a phone call from one of my good Fish Club friends.  He told me that he just experienced some of the best dry fly action and I should get there on Saturday.  Having great respect for this gentleman I made my way to the river.

Now what you must know is that the fish were all Landlocked Salmon ranging from eighteen to twenty two inches.  Five in total over the span of two hours.  Even the most avid of salmon anglers may never have such an opportunity and at the location the possibility only happens some years.  The door stays open for a very, very short time and can slam shut in a heartbeat..

Saturday started out very slow I was thinking that I missed it and traveled to another location to find some fish..  I called my friend and he said that the window was connected to a hatch cadence for the Caddis that were the attraction to the salmon.  He said that he did not get to the river until 3pm the day before and he would meet me there at that time.  Hatches of all kinds have a rhythm.  

When I arrived back at the location I found  the fish boiling on caddis all over the place.  I landed a nineteen inch fish on my first presentation.  For three hours we both released nine fish each and missed many more.  All on dry flies.  The most exciting dry fly action I have ever experienced.

On the ride home I called my fishing buddy and told him of the event.  He said that he has been waiting five years for this situation to happen again and would join me the next day.  Because the weather was going to be sunnier and warmer we decided to get there a bit earlier and arrive at the river at 1PM.  The fish were happening even more intense than the day before.  I missed a fish and my friend landed a twenty inch beauty and then the whole thing shut down.  It seems that the hatch happened even earlier than anticipated.  We stayed until 7PM and the hatch never came back.

Wow!!!  What a difference a day can make.

Rule Of The Game

Get there early and wait it out and do not give up.  You may never get a chance at such wealth again.


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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Two Hand Salter Style

If you have been in the two hand casting game for at least five years then you have seen a dramatic increase in the old world styles popularity. A re-birth of what was the norm many years ago.  The benefits of  Spey, Skagit and Scandi for Salmon and Steelhead have been written about for some time now. There is one aspect of the two hand rod that has not received a great deal of attention. Salt water casting from a non platform position with the use of a striping basket.  Let's define what I am talking about.

Say you are fishing from the beach, rocks, flats or jetty. This means that the environment at your feet is probably not very friendly.  In theory the advantage of the longer rod will be of relevance when you are able to cast farther using big flies. Having the extra length of rod should keep you clear above debris and rolling waves to achieve this goal. With the techniques below you will be casting farther and have greater control of each presentation.

One of the strongest casts that can be made with a two hand rod is with dominant hand up and over the opposite shoulder. The style is used by Scandinavian casters with shooting heads to gain great distance. This cast makes it possible to fish the salt with a two hand rod and not have your lower hand interfere with the need for a striping basket. The basket will be worn on the same side hip as your lower hand. You will also note that this keeps the bottom of the handle on your dominant hand side and does not hinder striping line.

For Wind Behind,Right To Left or Head On
  • Right hand up over left shoulder = Right foot forward
  • Body canters fore and aft with cast motion
  • Right hand up = Stripping Basket on Left Hip
  • Shooting with intermediate and sinking heads will cast best
  • Use 11' to 14' firmer fast action style rods that are as light as possible with short bottom hand grips
  • Back casts are made by pointing the rod tip at 10 o'clock and pulling up and back to 2 o'clock hard
  • Forward cast is stopped abruptly at 11 o'clock keeping hands close to the body and making a strong pulling with the bottom hand
  • Arms must be kept tight to the body with very little extension of the dominate hand
For Wind Left To Right
  • Sling Cast holding dominate hand at shoulder level
  • Lower hand at chest level
  • Pull hard with lower hand
  • Rock back and forward and use body momentum
  • Forward Cast is stopped abruptly at 11 o'clock at horizon
  • Keep arms as compact and tight to the body as possible
As all of this casting is overhead style we can also include a standard cast with the bottom hand held higher. This hand also becomes the underhand pull that is required for distance.
    I introduce the Salter Casts for two hand rods.


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