Monday, May 17, 2010

Can Lightning Strike Twice??????

On Friday night I received a phone call from one of my good Fish Club friends.  He told me that he just experienced some of the best dry fly action and I should get there on Saturday.  Having great respect for this gentleman I made my way to the river.

Now what you must know is that the fish were all Landlocked Salmon ranging from eighteen to twenty two inches.  Five in total over the span of two hours.  Even the most avid of salmon anglers may never have such an opportunity and at the location the possibility only happens some years.  The door stays open for a very, very short time and can slam shut in a heartbeat..

Saturday started out very slow I was thinking that I missed it and traveled to another location to find some fish..  I called my friend and he said that the window was connected to a hatch cadence for the Caddis that were the attraction to the salmon.  He said that he did not get to the river until 3pm the day before and he would meet me there at that time.  Hatches of all kinds have a rhythm.  

When I arrived back at the location I found  the fish boiling on caddis all over the place.  I landed a nineteen inch fish on my first presentation.  For three hours we both released nine fish each and missed many more.  All on dry flies.  The most exciting dry fly action I have ever experienced.

On the ride home I called my fishing buddy and told him of the event.  He said that he has been waiting five years for this situation to happen again and would join me the next day.  Because the weather was going to be sunnier and warmer we decided to get there a bit earlier and arrive at the river at 1PM.  The fish were happening even more intense than the day before.  I missed a fish and my friend landed a twenty inch beauty and then the whole thing shut down.  It seems that the hatch happened even earlier than anticipated.  We stayed until 7PM and the hatch never came back.

Wow!!!  What a difference a day can make.

Rule Of The Game

Get there early and wait it out and do not give up.  You may never get a chance at such wealth again.


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