Thursday, November 7, 2013

Berry Brook Berry Brook Berry Brook Berry Brook Berry Brook Berry Brook Berry Brook Berry Brook Berry Brook

That's right, Berry @#$#@#$#@ Brook. How many times have you been asked about Berry Brook? Do those monster brown trout really exist or are they just a figment of the State of New Hampshire's warped mind.

I'm happy to say that they do exist.

In the past twelve years. of going to Berry Brook many, many times, I have seen a total of five fish. And I'm not talking about the little stockers. I have hooked two of the five and landed none of the two.

Next time you are looking for a bit of humility give this a try. Stand on the bridge all ready to cast but don't. Think of yourself as a deer hunter. Quite, not moving and waiting to see your quarry. You wouldn't randomly be shooting arrows. Four hours will not fly by as quickly as when we are casting. These fish are so spooky that the mere action of waving a fly rod will keep them far away. If you are very lucky you might see a boil in the tail out just above the bridge, maybe sitting on the ocean side in the current on the out going tide or a boil down below the bridge in the calm brackish water.

The one other option is accessed by walking river right(the left side looking up stream when the tide is going out) all the way up to the big rock in the woods. This is the legal limit for fishing and also the head of tide. Sitting and waiting through high tide and hoping for some movement is the key.

If you are lucky to see one, don't panic, you will get a cast or two at most. So pick your spot to stand with stealth and stay far from the water's edge. Try a black or olive leach or woolly bugger with a long leader.

Berry Brook Indeed.

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