Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spey Fly?

There are big differences between the Traditional Spey Fly and the modern flies that are being tied today with long hackles.  From Steelhead to Atlantic Salmon fishing the use of long rods and flies with long hackles are being called 'Spey' like it is as generic as facial tissue.

In my opinion, to call this wonderful style of flies using more modern materials and more diverse hackles Spey flies, limits the true creative flair that has been implemented on our side of the pond.  Don't get me wrong, Spey, Dee, Don and British Feather Wings are wonderful examples of the style of that day.   As the Northern European casters move to tubes in Temple Dog and Sun Ray style, we for sure will follow suit.  I just think that today we should call this style of flies our own.  I call them North American Collar Flies.

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