Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fly Tying Tip #124

I find it very hard to be purchasing my tying materials on line.  Standard items like brand name hooks and a number of synthetics that I know well are not the issue.  Fur, feathers and the vast array of new items becomes a factor.   A smarter way, be it more time consuming, is to visit your best fly shop and bring the materials with you that you intend for a pattern.  Compare color vibrancy and contrast with the materials you need to purchase to complete the fly.  This will also give you a good idea if the items you purchased in the past are of high enough quality as well.  Size and quality can be worked around but color and dying variation can not.  Inspect the entire inventory at the shop and pick what will be the best.  Ask the shop owner their opinion.  Having that person to talk with is worth the price of admission.


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