Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have fished this fly with great success. Originally called the Green Butt Black Bear and now the Black Bear Green Butt. When the first Black Bear fly was created it had a yellow floss tag and no tail. The body was black floss and the throat was black hen hackle.Many patterns have been derived from that first tied Black Bear. You could make an entire complement of patterns by just changing the color of the tail, throat & butt. I'm going for the Black Bear Blue Butt next. In the spectrum of color that a salmon can see, black, blue, white and green are the winners. In full sun the spectrum is a total of 23 colors. In darkness, only black and white can be seen. You will notice that I have taken some liberty with materials in the video. Creativity is the route of invention. Try anything because it all works.


YouTube Step By Step Link

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