Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Evolution Of Lee Wulff's Surface Stone Fly

Can you imagine any fly commanding a price of $3.00 in 1975?  The late and great Lee Wulff is remembered for many things relating to our wonderful sport of the angle.  He is the creator of the fishing vest, salmon tailer, the Wulff series of dry flies and the one item that is in every serious salmon anglers box, a modern version of the Surface Stonefly.
Tiger Stone Ghost Gremlin
The original, that you could purchase from Lee, was a hook with a molded plastic body that incorporated the parachute post.  The wing and spun hackle was all put together with glue.  No thread was used.  This made the fly light enough to be fished as a dry fly when cast up stream and then as a wet fly as it moved down stream.  The same concept as the Hornberg.  Over the past thirty years the evolution of the fly started in the valley of the Grande Cascapedia.  There it resided as a major part of the years catch in two distinctive versions.  The Black Stone and the Green Stone.  If you look at these photos you can see that the main theme is in tact as a few recent upstarts have taken center stage.  Each has the same formula but only the materials are different.  If you are headed to Quebec then a few versions of this fly are a must.  Stone Ghost Video

    Black Stone                    Stone Ghost                  Stone Ghost Gremlin

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