Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dee Flies Are Not Spey Flies

There is something very special about Dee Flies.  They represent patterns that seem to have moved on from the somber creations of the river Spey but did not go so far as the gaudy flies that came over the water from Ireland.  Each river had it's own distinctive brand of flies and materials.  I think the word Spey is over used and limits the course of history.

These are fishing worthy patterns today because the wings vary in color and the dubbing represent a similar look to our modern green but styles.

One of the best resource books for these flies is from Bob Ververka and called Spey Flies and How To Tie Them.  If you can find a copy for a reasonable price you will be very lucky.  Having a well rounded collection in your library is needed to have the full history of patterns and materials.

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