Friday, April 23, 2010

Peche Au Saumon A La Mouche

Spring comes later than usual in Quebec.  The trees have not started to show life as in our greening New England.  The word from up north this year is that things are progressing a bit faster than in the past.  With the full moon on May 27 we might be surprised with some earlier than usual arrivals.

It is now time to finalize and secure your Atlantic Salmon dates.  If you have not won water in the November draws, you may choose to play it by ear and wait to check conditions.  This is all well and good so long as private water with the best guides is not your game.  Given the state of our economy, there are some quality destinations still available.   The only time I have ever had an issue with lodging in Quebec was during my very first excursion in 1980.   I have always been able to find a bed, but I now always book in advance to be safe.

Thanks to the demands of the great people in Quebec, there is a substantial amount of public non reserved water available.  All rivers except The Restigouche, Grande Cascapedia, Ste. Anne and Madeline have open public stretches available for a daily access fee.  You can buy your license and access fee at a number of locations close to the river you choose.  Guides are not mandatory but will shorten your learning curve dramatically.

I have wonderful memories of Quebec, it's people and Salmon.  The days I spend on a Salmon river are all very dear.  My choice of location and timing holds a higher level of anticipation that a big white hot screamer might be lurking.

You cast a tight line, you and your guides eyes swing in tandem arc.......the boil......the pull.........I'm home.


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