Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is This Really About Fishing?????

I read a post on one of the forums asking if we should be upset if something changes our opening day plans??? Damn right, we should be!!!! Our lives have been altered through no fault of our own. If we weren't, some might think that our passion has not hit the level needed for transformation of thought into creative action. Kind of like taking the last shot with half a second left without thinking of what to do. It just is, and comes without premeditation. We are one with the quarry.

All winter I am fantasizing about that first cast in a place I love. I'm there early to be number 1 on my favorite run. My life is connected to these places and that is clear. I am always seeking the perfect wave!!

This is not about competition. It is about the undisturbed antithesis of our other than family passions. We need to take the act of angling to that special moment lost in time.

When expectations are removed we have the ability to change for sure. The only thing that is lost are the brain cells used while creating perfection in our mind.

The very good part of change is that all is transformed with that first fish. We are in the zone, time doesn't matter and life goes on.

So, are we happy now?


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