Monday, March 1, 2010

What Is The Most Important Aspect

For February, in my monthly poll, I asked what the most important aspect of a fly would be.  Size, Presentation, Color and Pattern were the choices.  Overwhelmingly, 63% of you chose Presentation.

So, let's be clear.  If I were to make the perfect presentation of a perfectly tied caddis dry that was red and not the correct olive color in a size 4 not the correct size 14,  should expect to fool an 18 inch hold over brown that has seen the best of the best?  Or maybe,  if I have the perfectly correct caddis dry that is the exact size as the natural in a perfectly matching color and I drag it under the surface then should also expect to fool that same fish?

Are you getting the picture?  Think about it like this.  I first position myself with as much stealth as possible in the run I want to fish.  Then the first thing I must do is think about the conditions.  Time of day, temperature, wind,  weather and barometric pressure let alone water conditions and water color.  I am taking in all that I can including if there is any insect activity.  Then I choose my pattern by size,  because having the wrong pattern and size creates a major problem.  We have all had the frustration of the guy just down stream who is on fire and we can't buy a fish. What fly are you using?  At the same exact time I pick pattern and size I am choosing the color.  So then the last thing I must do is create the perfect presentation.  I am converting thought into physical action.  Yes?

My point is that there is no correct or wrong answer.  Without getting all four correct we are limited to the fish that have just been stocked or just too hungry to say no.  When you go to the river, have a mental check list of what is truly important for your success.  Treat pattern, color, size and presentation as if they are one action.

I promise that the poll for March is not a trick question.

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