Tuesday, March 9, 2010

April Swing

The word is anglers having the greatest success for Steelhead are using  some very large Rabbit Leach and Sculpin style flies.  Just look at what Greg Senyo, from Ohio, is doing in Steelhead Alley.
I have been building a number of these flies in bright to very drab patterns.  I plan to go to Pulaski at least twice from now through April and want to swing with two hand rods.                                                                              
I have also been developing what I call the dangle style of mending line.  Simply, I cast at a right angle and keep throwing additional line in up stream mends as the fly moves down stream.  I keep just enough tension on the line for the fly to swim but not swing quickly.

When the fly has completed the swing hold it in the current for as much as a full minute.

Now you are fishing Danglers on the Dangle.

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