Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Come On!!!!!! Let's Go Fishing

This week I received an Email from a fellow who saw a post I made on a New England fishing forum. He related how the post reminded him of times with his late brother and said to me, "you made my day friend".

My emotions were conflicted between sorrow and joy. I was able to empathize with this part of life as I also have a brother. We have shared the special bond of fishing in some wonderful places. At the same time, I was deeply moved with how a small action of mine could touch some ones life.

Each October, for I don't remember how many years, my brother and I traveled to New Brunswick, Canada and fished for Atlantic Salmon. We would spend four days on the Marimichi, Cains, Dungarven, Bartholomew and Renous. Sadly, our last trip was now over ten years ago and for me something is missing.

The years are flying by, life seems more complicated and there are so many distractions, including this blog, but for some time each year we should all find a way to go back. Simply put, what could be more important than a few days with your brother? A few days that will represent a mere fraction of our available existence. I don't care if it's New Brunswick or New York or New Jersey or New Hampshire so long as we make it happen.

I'm sorry that I have taken some ones fond memories and related them to me. On the other hand I am thankful for being shown what is truly important.

Come On!!!!!! Let's Go Fishing

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