Monday, March 1, 2010

'For Judy'

Six years ago a good friend of my wife and I went through a battle with cancer. I don't think I would have survived what she experienced. While in the heart of treatment, I visited with her and what impressed me most was she could laugh.

Now, if you know Judy, then you know that this is not just any laugh. It is one that comes from deep down and has a life of it's own. What I heard and saw that night was the strength demanded to defeat her illness. She lives happy and well in recovery.

I present, 'For Judy', my entry into the Casting For Recovery Pink Fly Contest. If you are a long time fly fisher you know the true joy of our sport is not catching fish. It is the transformation of reality to a place where time is lost. Please make a donation today that will give recovering women the freedom we experience while lost in time.


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