Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunday Alone For A While In Bristol

FlySpoke At Grantown On Spey
47 degrees and a misting drizzle when I left the house this morning.  To me this is fishing weather with only one thing missing.  My fishing partner.  I'm going at it solo today and getting a late start.

Now don't get me wrong, I love fly fishing but my wife and family come first and are followed by my friends and fishing. As fishing is an extra added activity it will never rank number one.  I am a social animal first and a sportsmen not far down the list.

What I need to make fishing complete is that other person who shares in a day of banter, comradely and spirit.  Having a fishing partner keeps the day moving forward and offers less chance for an early ending.
I am always searching for a reason why I do certain things and friendship is why I fish.

On the days when I am by myself, if I find other anglers on the river,  I am always open to some company.  We share stories, a few flies and the water making the possibility for quality relationships.  Since Sunday I have had communication from Ken and Joe who I met on the river.  It is like a forever expanding circle of people with the same passion.  Being an angler of the fly is just that kind of activity that is not meant to do alone.  It is the reason we all have stories to tell.

I will agree that there are times when I am out in a wild place and can get a true sense of my miniscule position in the world.  I get that feeling of vulnerability and can fully appreciate what it does for my soul.  I just don't need that from fishing. 

I like to share what I know and am always ready to learn.  The person who I am fishing with the most I met in Lawrence Massachusetts some thirty years ago.  I was his introduction to Atlantic Salmon and he is my mentor for fishing trout.  Be open to to that person you meet for the first time.  You might make a life long friend a special part of why you fish.


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