Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fly Tying Tip #113

Getting the head of your Salmon flies to have a smooth and bright finish takes a little time but is very easy to do.  First using the thinnest thread that you feel comfortable with make sure that you are always placing your winds next to the other.  No crossing and making uneven bumps.  Second always make your whip finish end at the back and bottom of the head and trim with a straight edge razor.  Nice and tight to the head.  Next put on one thin coat of your favorite head finish.  Then after this is dry go back and fill in any places you see thread that was not covered by using the point of a pin and dipping in the head finish.  Let that dry.  Add brush coat #2 and then # 3.  Make sure that this is completely dry and then apply coat #4.   I always us clear and make the color happen by the color of the thread.  One important factor is that you spin the fly on coats #3 & #4 so gravity can make the head finish dry away from the thread.  This is the key to a very smooth surface.  For working flies two coats will due.

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