Monday, May 30, 2011

Fly Tying Tip #115

The late Gary LaFontane was a master of the caddis fly.  He created the Deep Sparkle Pupa and the Sparkle Emerger.  Two of my absolute go to flies.  The patterns for these flies and others are very similar.  The Pupa is meant to fish deep as the caddis are starting to get ready to float to the surface.  They must release themselves from the bottom of the river.  The Emerger version has an added tail or breaking of the body shuck and a bit more wing over the top.

So, here's the tip.  Only construct the Emerger version.  When fishing clip the tail and the top of the wing when you want to tumble along the bottom pre normal hatch time for your river.  When you see caddis coming off the water switch to the emerger and remove some weight.  The body of this fly is to simulate the gas bubble that forms on the insect that enables it to float to the surface.

Wooly Bugger becomes a leech,  Emergers become nymphs, dry flies become emergers.  I have done this even with Atlantic Salmon flies when I need a smaller fly or even trimming down a fly to only a body and tail.

Look in your fly box now,  you will start to notice some new and exciting flies that you didn't know you had.


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