Friday, February 12, 2010

The Road Ends At Meat Cove

Q. A question from B.

I found your blog today through and thought I'd drop a line.
Being from Western Massachusetts, I fly fish the Westfield and Swift for stocked rainbows mostly.
I went last year, for the first time, to Pittsburg NH for three days - great time in mid June.
I'm a frequent contributor on the Massachusetts Anglers forum under the name xoxo.

This year my wife and I plan to visit Prince Edward Island. I noticed some of your photos were of the Margaree on Cape Breton. I wonder if you've had any experience fishing PEI and what advice you might offer? I've heard there's a salmon run in June, and plenty of speckled trout (brookies) some of them sea run.

All suggestions are welcome.

On a side note, back in the early 60's the folks who introduced me to fly fishing took me to the Gaspe a couple of times. We fished two ponds reclaimed for brook trout - called the Falls Gully Fish and Game - some where north of New Richmond. We had a great time - and were told as we crossed the Cascapedia and Bonaventure they held great salmon - though we never got to fish for them. Your slide show brought back some memories.

Thanks for your reply. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tight lines and best regards

A. My e-mail reply

Thank you so much for your e mail. You have some great rivers in western Massachusetts to fish. I do love the Deerfield, Swift and Millers.

I have fished on PEI during July and the fish were running. The principal river on the island is the Morrel. There are other rivers there that have regular fall runs. The Morrel is a very small stream and you are fishing in the bushes most of the time. They say if you are not leaving flies in the shurbs you are not fishing correctly. The salmon will come out from under overhanging branches to take your fly. There are a few places that do look like traditional runs.

The best person to talk with is Dwayne Miller who can be reached through ( Dwayne knows his island and knows Cape Breton very well. He can be hired as a guide and that would not be a bad idea. If you go to the Nova Scotia Fishing Forum or he posts as Salmonchaser. If you speak with him please do mention me and my blog.

In the 60's when you traveled to the Grande, Bonnie and Petite the rivers were completely private. I have fished out of one of the Vanderbilt properties that owned the entire Petite Cascapedia at that time. I will be on Gaspe starting in late May, late June as well as some time in July. We two hand cast the rivers and travel as much as possible by Gaspe canoe.

The best piece of advise I can offer, is to take your wife around the Cabot Trail and get out and hike on the bluffs overlooking the ocean. Go to Meat Cove. Stay in Beddeck and enjoy the mussels. I now go to the Margaree valley every fall and absolutely love the place. It is the closest I can get to the my Scottish Highlands without crossing the pond.

Have a great trip,


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