Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quebec The Beautiful

Q. A question from K
I saw your post about fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Quebec.

Is a guide required when fishing the Gaspe like York River.
I would like to do a trip up there in August...never been there before, any info is much appreciated...places to stay etc.

A. My e-mail reply
For all of Quebec a guide is not required. That said, if you are not experienced in an area, I highly recommend the use of a guide for a part of your trip. Do you speak French?

August can be a very tricky month for fishing at the tip of Gaspe where the York, Dartmouth and St. Jean rivers are located. These are June-July rivers and can be very hot and low by that time. In August you can have very good sight casting with dry flies. The best person to talk with is Anne Smith from Quebec Sporting if you what a quality guide experience for reasonable cost. As lodging in motels for these areas are easy to come by, I might play it by ear. I have taken ten days and started at the tip of Gaspe and worked back to Matapedia.

The fishing there is run by a Z.E.C. (Zone of Enveriornmental Control) There is open public and 48 hour draw water available through the Z.E.C.

A good second choice for the beginning of August, I go every year, is to River Matane and Matapedia. The Matane has a late run that is moving in July with the best being the first two weeks of August. It is 50 miles of public pools that are very accessible. They call the Matane the " The Salmon Fishing School"

The Hotel Metropole is located in the heart of the river at pool 28 that is called Petite Matane. If Matane is not in good shape the Matapedia with lots of public water is available 45 minutes away. Great Dry fly fishing as the sun goes low behind the hills.

Low end cost with river access, lodging and food will be about $150.00 per day.

I have paid as much as $1000.00 per day for guided private water.

When you get closer to making a decision, and done some research, let me know what you are thinking. We can narrow down to the equipment and flies you will want.

All the very best,

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