Monday, February 8, 2010

I Shall De-Barb

Today, I am paying a bill to my local hospital. We already know all the usual reasons for fishing barb-less, but this payment has given me the impedes to create a new fly tying doctrine.

When I felt the hook sink deep as possible into my finger I just felt so stupid. Here I was sitting at my fly tying bench bending down and picking up a hook off the floor. Nothing unusual, but this time the hook was stuck in the rug and then solidly deep into me. The little voice of prayer said "oh please be one of the ones I pinched. Please just slide out. Oh please!" No, no such luck.

I pushed and I pulled and I spun it in all sorts of directions but could not extricate myself form the size 14 light wire micro barb. If anyone is wondering, they really do hold well.

So now I have a set of fly tying commandments. Rules that are set in stone for my safety and the safety of my family. Say them with me.
  1. I shall purchase hooks without barbs as much as possible.
  2. I shall have only one hook out of a container at any time.
  3. I shall immediately pinch the barb off any hook I take out.
  4. I shall keep all dressed flies safely in containers and fly boxes.
  5. I shall do a magnet patrol after every fly tying session.
I have had to remove hooks from myself four times and my dog once over the last forty years. He gave a tooth to my fly fishing obsession.

I will gladly trade a few lost fish for safety at home and safety in the field. It's the smallest biggest thing I can do. Consider the bill paid.


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