Monday, September 19, 2011

Drift Boats On The Salmon River

As we move into October, many of us are starting to get serious about Steelhead in New York State on the Salmon River and the surrounding creeks.  My favorite time is through the entire month of November as the high level pressure of the salmon run starts to dissipate to a mild roar.  I always can find great water to fish with a fly rod even though it can get a bit tight at times.  November is not a time I worry about mobility as the entire river is accessible by foot and the weather and river height is usually manageable.

There does come a time, after this period, when the weather turns cold and the snow starts to fly that having the advantage of a drift boat comes in very handy.  Between the heater in the bow and the ability to fish many pools, having the boat may make the difference in a comfortable trip or one that has you working hard to see but a few locations per day.  I have made these trips a number of times and have enjoyed them fully.  Remember, you don't have to fish out of the boat all the time.  Fish the spots that are not available from shore while in the boat and wade the others.  Spot hopping is made easy and the amount of time saved adds about 25% fishing time to the day.  Long walks in the snow may be necessary when the places close to roads are crowded.

There is a difference in guides.

One thing that is very important will be to pick a guide with a boat that suites your style of fishing.  These fellows are very hardy folk and put in some hard days on this wild river.  I have fished it during high as well as low water and the navigation can be tricky at times.  Just explain how you like to fish and if you are into swinging flies then a guide who likes to back up plugs will  not be a good choice.  Some are now advertising that they are into two hand rods as well.  Talk it out and you will be in good shape.

In any case, now is the time to get your early winter trip planed and guide secure.  This is a very active fishery and the best are taken year after year early.


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