Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Day Of Gratitude

All this week I worked with the intention that I was off to one of two great fishing locations.  I tied Black Ghosts, Orange Red Dots, Stalcup Medallion Emmergers, Dick's Killers, Black Leaches, Wood Specials, Brown Owls and LaFontaine Sparkle Emergers.  This was only to replenish some flies that I knew I would want.  The car was packed and gassed, rods are lined and cleaned.  I set the alarm for 4am, retired early and was ready to go.

So what happened as I sit here in my living room watching the 9-11 ceremonies and find myself falling in and out of strings of emotion?

What it comes down to is that I was on my own today.  Today of all days I was not going to be able to drive three hours, fish all day and make the drive home alone.  It is hard enough on regular days to get up the ambition to travel and fish alone but today was impossible.  I woke, turned on the TV and knew that was it.  A little later my wife asked what happened.

So today on September 11, 2011, I am going to put the pleasure of fishing on the side and remove it from my mind.  Alone is what so many have suffered for the last ten years.  Alone is what the brave wives, fathers, husbands, daughters and and sons of our fallen will endure today.  Alone is something that you do because you have no choice.

With so many in our great country living with such empty feelings and the hardship of true loss,  I will spend this day at home with my prayers, hope and gratitude for those who have given so much for me and my family.


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