Monday, May 13, 2013

The Balance Of Power Or The Power Of Balance

So I have been practicing about three to four hours a day right now. Today I did a five and a half hour session with a 15 foot 9 Weight Robert Meiser Highlander S. Crazy rod with some of the finest craftsmanship I have ever had the privilege to cast. I lined it with a 9/10 65 foot head Carron Jetstream. The reel is an original Loop Evotec made by Danialson. If you are familiar with those reels you know they were known for how lite they are. Really not a very good Spey reel.

Anyway, I have been working on the physics between balance and power or a class one lever. Kind of like if you had a sea saw out of balance it would take extra power to move the longer side. Less weight having to move a heavier and longer shaft. Each and every two hand rod we own has a different balance point given the weight of reel and line. Take any of your rods, strip off the amount of line that you most often use with that rod and then find the balance point. It might surprise you that it will not be even on the top grip. In my case it was three inches over the top grip today. I thought about how I could balance the rod for my practice and the electrical tape I used to secure the furls came in handy.

Balance each reel with lead core, if you must, to force the fulcrum point to exactly where you want it to be. It should be at the fulcrum or your top hand placement on the rod. Then give the rod a go and you will not believe the power you will generate with such little force.


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