Tuesday, May 21, 2013

International Federation Of Fly Fishers Certified Two Hand Casting Instructor

For the past three years I have been working toward being certified by The International Federation Of Fly Fishers to become a two hand casting instructor.  Many, many hours of learning and practice with the goal of this achievement have been spent.  Now that I have passed this test, I am left with the feeling that I want more.  Let me explain.

I feel as though I have the responsibility to live up to standards that are still above me.  I was tested by Al Buhr.  How will I ever achieve that standard?  Even though I am now in a group of only thirty others in the United States with this status I am still humbled by the meaning.

While I was on my way to North Carolina, for examination, I received an email from Gordy Hill that Bob Runpf had passed.  I was just with Bob a month ago at the Catskill Fly Fishing Muesum working with Wild Trout Flyrodders.  Bob was casting and I was watching and noticing how fluid and clean he was with the fly rod.  Sadly, I missed his presentation as I was being pre tested for THCI by Jim Valle.  The reason I mention this is because it put reality and the importance of our lives in perspective.  Not only was Bob a great caster but he was a great person with many people who are touched by the loss.

So, for me, I acknowledge that I am on a new path.  Not the end, as I once thought. I am now placed in the position of responsibility to be what I am titled as being.  I promised Al I would live up to the standards required and intend to do just that.


Joining the International Federation Of Fly Fishers will offer you a group of anglers who have the passion and desire to learn, teach and share all they know.  I am proud to be a member, Single and two hand instructor and will be so until I make my last cast.

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Unknown said...

Dear William,

Congratulations on reaching your goal.

I'm so proud of you for continuously showing us the width and depth of this wonderful sport we all love about.

As we all know that this THCI certification takes extremely dedication and profound efforts to achieve the requirements. You worked hard and proved to yourself and everyone what a comprehensive angler is about.

I'm forever thankful for your mentoring on my CI certification and looking forward to be enlighten by you.

Best wishes for continued success.

Fond Regards,