Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fly Tying Tip #111

Although this might take some time, the time saved overall is enormous.  For what seems like forever,  I have been keeping all my materials in bins, draws, poly bags, plexi glass containers,  and jars.  I had no system for knowing exactly where a certain item is stored and I spent a great deal of my precious tying time just looking for that exact item needed.  I would do a lot of, "Oh yea, I remember that stuff".

So, start to name and number each and every storage container .  Then make a list in category, then name in alphabetical order then by bin and bag.

Something like.......
Golden Pheasant Crest - Draw 1, Jar 2
Natural Pheasant Tail - Bin 10, Poly 14
Peacock Herl - Draw 1, Box 4, Poly 3

Oh, that's where I put that roll of Angora yarn.  You get the drill!!!!  No need to do this all at one time.

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