Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Love Quebec, Matapedia Bound

So right now I should be sleeping.  No can do because I am finishing packing to go to Matapedia and possibly over to Matane if needed.   The water is up and the river is out of this August's issues of high heat and the lowest recorded river height in history.  The Matapedia turns catch and release today, the locals will be in the woods hunting and the crowds of spring and early summer are gone.

This past June and July the Matapedia had it's best start in fifty years.  The fish were large and entering the river every day.  Sadly, I missed being there due to work and family responsibilities.  So, I am going to go for three days in September.  I have had a mixed bag of September fishing in past years but what I have noticed is that when the water has been revived with rain and cool nights the fishing can be wonderful.  I have had more than one three fish days in September on a number of Quebec rivers.

There are two ways to be successful.  The first is to use very small wet flies.  Size 8-12 tied sparsely.  You make your presentation so that the fly can dangle in the current as much as possible.  I then try to twitch the fly back in very short one to two inch strips.  This style of salmon fishing can be very tedious and at the same time a killer  for fish that have been in the river for a while.

The second and my absolute favorite way to fish Salmo Salar is dry fly.  You make quick casts on short drifts.  Pick up, lay down, pick up, lay down.  Look at the river as it is a big piece of graph paper.  Cover every one foot square from bottom to top.  Make the fly pop on the water and don't be afraid to make a commotion.  Most times the fish will come up and slap the fly.  If this is happening stay with the same fly in smaller or larger sizes.  They say in Quebec that the large bomber is for attracting the fish, the small bomber is for catching the fish.

My head is spinning, my equipment is squared away, I have all new leader material, my flies are in great condition, well sorted and arranged.   Three two handers are packed and each with multiple reels and lines.  I think the timing is right and I am filled with anticipation.  I have been on more Salmon trips than I could ever remember and I still feel like a kid every time.  Wish me luck!!!!!

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