Monday, January 18, 2010

Lamprey Weekend

Saturday was simply a wonderful day for the middle of January. Temperatures rose and the Lamprey River stayed at a cool 33 degrees as major chunks of ice were cracking off the bank from the warmth of the sun. I started off close to Wiswall Dam and didn't find any fish holding. The flow on Saturday was at 213cfs and running a bit low to my liking. I was sure that a few fish would find refuge in the pockets but I had no luck.

I continued down to the cable pool on river right and managed four bows and a nice brown. I did have one fish on that felt very heavy but lost it due to my mismanaging of line trying to get on the reel and my barbless pheasant tail fell out. What's that saying "tight lines"

Sunday I fished from river left in the cable pool. Wow, what a difference a day can make. It was colder and the weather front was moving in fast and the fishing was just plain slow. From 9am to 2pm I hooked only one fish. I did see other fish released on red San Juan Worms and copper bead head PT's.

Thanks to Three Rivers Stocking I have a nice place to fish that is ten minutes from home.


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