Friday, March 25, 2011

Fly Fishing And A Need For The Connection

For me, the moment of connection has all the magic I need.  If you were to go through an entire day on your favorite water there hopefully will be a total of two or three seconds that give that ultimate angling high.
Every aspect of our preparation and execution is based on achieving those few seconds.  Many years ago, growing up in a Northern New Jersey town, I was active in the local fishing Club.  Even as a teenager my dues gave me a part ownership in a cabin with land that lie a very short distance from the finest Catskill trout waters possible.  I saw my first Aurora Borealis  from our front porch.  An amazing movement of greens, reds and purple.  I can close my eyes and still see that mind expanding glow, the river from the porch, the smell of the fire and a feeling of joy from fifty years past.  My point is a bit vague, but real none the less.  

Those moments.  Those moments that time stands still and we are pinned to the memory of our Fathers, and there is no way you can lose it's grip.  No way.  No way.... 
So, during your next day of angling, as time moves between moments, and moments to possible connections, this is the time we must pro actively direct our mind to do what that moment is demanding.   The Northern Lights demanded I stand and watch in amazement.  The river called upon me to stand in it's waters.  The choices made at that moment determines what doesn't happen by chance. 

If one of the many things in your checklist is not perfect then make it so.  Never leave a wind knot in the middle of your leader.  Change the fly, lengthen the leader, change the weight or the line or whatever your mind commands it will take.  Allow yourself to be the master of the level you have achieved.  You have studied and learned and this precious day in your life just might be the one you were waiting for.  The one where your skill moves from luck to ability.  No matter what your, or my, ability there is always, till the day of days, more to absorb.

Tomorrow, I will cast my line with a heightened sense of purpose, as the waters of my youth demanded, and I will hope to capture but a few of those special seconds.

Tight lines......


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