Monday, October 4, 2010

A Moment Might Matter

It was 3am on a Saturday in October and the anticipation that had been building for almost a year was in full gear.  I had a three hour drive, stoked by adrenalin, to be on the river with the anticipation that I would be the first through the run.  I just love using my two hand five weight switch rod to swing and bump for salmon.  No back casts in tree lined areas and the ability to switch over to nymph drifting where needed.  If you don't own one you are missing something very enjoyable.

After meeting my fishing buddy we made the balance of a drive that was sure to be a direct path to the best Landlocked Salmon  fishing of the season.  Pulling into the small parking area there was one other car.  "This is not unusual", I thought, "must just be there overnight", I said.  It was still dark with a glimmer showing over the hill and we started our walk and then in perfect unison, "Oh sh&^%@#"!!!. We saw the head lamps stumbling around the large and difficult to navigate boulders in the woods.

What could it have been?  Five, maybe ten minutes at best.  The difference between getting the most perfect Salmon pool I know or all the others was substantial.  Not that we would be without fish, but the quantity would be dramatically different.

As it turned out the winners to the pool were good friends and members of The Club. They had a great morning while we had a good one.  I'm chomping at the bit right now with only a few days to go before I am back on that water.  This year I'm leaving five minutes early.

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