Thursday, February 23, 2012

FlySpoke Spring Casting Lesson Schedule

During the months of March & April, I will be offering group lessons in single and two hand casting. Please contact me by phone or email for sign up. Every class will be strictly limited to the first 6 students paid at a cost of $35 for each class, except those classes indicated differently below. These are two hour plus classes unless indicated, and you are guaranteed to leave a better caster than when you arrived. The locations are listed. It doesn't mater what level you are at now. I am making these classes long enough so that personal attention is possible for all. Beginners to advanced are welcome. All classes are mixed gender. This is an opportunity to improve your casting as well as catching. I have scheduled these classes so that anyone who takes a week one or two class will get the time to practice before returning for a later more advanced scheduled class.

March 24, 2012
Class 1 - 9am Single Hand Service Veterans(free class)any donation will be 100% given to Project Healing Waters. The only requirement is you are serving or are a veteran. This is a land class and will cover the many aspects of what it takes to make a great presentation. Massabesic Lake Park, Auburn, New Hampshire
Class 2 – 1:30pm Two Hand Steelhead Skagit & Scandi Short Head Underhand Casting, this is a water class, waders are required. Headed to Pulaski post spawn on the swing? Perfect timing. Profile Falls Recreation Area, Bristol., New Hampshire

March 31, 2012
Class 3 - 9am Single Hand Casting, this is a land class for beginner to medium skill levels. You will go as far as your ability will allow. You will leave this class with the total understanding of what and how a tight loop is made. Correcting and improving will be the focus. Massabesic Lake Park, Auburn, New Hampshire
Class 4 - 1:30pm Two Hand Casting Including Shooting Salter Style. This is a water class. Waders are required. Traditional Spey, Scandi, Skagit and Salter Overhead. The Switch Rod will be addressed. Get all the information you will need to fish in the style of your choice. Rods, lines, tips, leaders and casting style for each will be detailed. Profile Falls Recreation Area, Bristol, New Hampshire

April 7, 2012
Class 5 - 9am to 11am for 12 to 17 year old Single Hand Beginners Casting, Parents welcome to attend $20 per student, This is a land class. Massabesic Lake Park, Auburn, New Hampshire
Class 6 - 11am to 12:30 11 years old and under Beginners Class Any donations will be 100% given to Casting For Recovery. Parents asked to attend. This is a land class, Start a casting life correctly. Massabesic Lake Park, Auburn, New Hampshire
Class 7 - 1pm Single Hand Casting with the emphasis on Spey Casting style for one hand. This is a water class and waders are required. Massabesic Lake Park, Auburn, New Hampshire

April 14, 2012
Class 8 - 9am Single Hand Casting, let it all hang out and finish with the longest cast of your life. This is a land class. Geared to casters who feel they have good to excellent skills. Massabesic Lake Park, Auburn, New Hampshire
Class 9 - 1:30pm Two Hand Casting, all styles will be addressed. For the two hand caster who wants to refine their style. Personal attention will be the key to making sure that you are maximizing the potential of your style. This is an in the water class, waders required. Profile Falls Recreation Area, Bristol, New Hampshire

Please contact me at or call 603-501-9511. Private lessons can be arranged at any time. I work specificity geared toward your angling agenda. I am a Federation Of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor having achieved what it takes to offer the highest of learning experience.

Detailed information will be supplied for all casters who register for a class. Soft drinks and water will be provided. No hooks or flies are needed. Your equipment as is will be fine. Should you desire purchasing equipment that is style specific I will be happy to advise what is needed. Cleaning lines is encouraged.

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