Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Big Fish And The Few Who Catch Them

Some anglers just have all the luck.  Well, I don't believe that for one moment.  What some anglers have is the ability to do what is needed without even a second thought.  They go through their fishing day doing the things that have been learned from experience that creates the end result.

Take my dear friend Leo.  He has convinced me that concentrating on the speed and path of my fly is what will make the magic happen.  He can tell what the correct speed needs to be.  Have you ever made a cast that in your mind is perfect.  You even, almost out loud, say something like, "If that doesn't hook a fish then nothi............" bang it happens.  Well that is what it takes to catch quantity as well as quality.  That is what Leo can do more than most anglers.  Knowing what is happening and knowing it is right is not something that comes easy.  It comes as a recorded memory through many casts and many takes.   This is the key that will open the door to catching the prize.  You must pay attention and know what is happening when it happens.  Leo knows..........

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