Monday, April 2, 2012

Davy Knot By Davy Wotton

I found this great knot a few years ago. From the very first time I used it I was amazed at the power of the knot.  The best thing is that it will retain 100% of your tippet strength and has a very small footprint at the eye of your fly. It was developed by Davy Wotton of Great Britain when he was working with their trout fishing team.  Davy wanted a knot that was fast to tie and very strong.  In addition he created a knot with the very smallest footprint I have ever seen.

As of today 4/2/2012, I use the Davy Knot or the Double Davy Knot for all tippet to fly connections except for Atlantic Salmon wet flies.  Unless a new and better knot is created, I will use the Davy.  It works great for fluorocarbon as no heat is created when tied correctly.  If you pull after tying and it sets tight it will not come apart.  The time you will notice the difference is when you confidently can hold that big fish in the pool.

On June 20, 2012 I decided that I would do a controlled study of the Davy Knot.  I started out with 6X Rio Powerflex and a size 14 3906 nymph hook.  On one side of the eye I tied the Davy and on the other I tied the Clinch.  The clinch won the tug of war 10 in a row.  I then did the clinch verses the improved clinch.  9 to 1 for the improved clinch.  Then the Double Davy verses the Improved Clinch.  10 to 0 for the Double Davy.  I was really perplexed at the issue with the standard Davy.

Then it dawned on me.  The 6X and size 14 heavy wire hook were not compatible to the Davy.  When the size 14 was switched out with a size 18 hook the order was Double Davy, Davy, Improved Clinch and Clinch was last.

This is now my conclusion.

I am using the Double Davy at all times.

The only thing that is a must is that you use a Double Surgeons  Knot to attach your tippet to leader.  Reason is that The Double Surgeon is also a 100% knot and gives you equal strength of both ends of your tippet.  If you are still using Clinch, Improved Clinch and Blood knots then you are fishing with a 20% loss of tippet strength.

As the Davy Knot has an issue when tying on hooks with a large diameter wire. Davy Wotton says to repeat the last step a second time and the problem goes away.  I now use the Double Davy on all larger hooks and can say it will not slip. You must keep your tippet size to hook wire size in sync for 100% strength.  Even a 6x tippet will not be strong when used with a size 14 nymph hook.  Use that same tippet with a size 16 or 18 hook and it is as strong as can be.

Click this link to see the tying video
Click this link to see the Tug Of Davy Knot War




Parker James said...

That knot sure has been a big help. I love its strength and simplicity with these eyes.
Thanks again!

William said...

Thanks Parker, Davy was a member of the UK Trout team and wanted a knot that was strong and fast to tie. I think he hit the mark. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this interesting, William. I discovered the same independently. THe Davy will slip on heavier wire. I still love the Davy knot and the double.

William said...

Hey Parker-I did learn this the hard way. As spring moved to summer I started to move down in tipper size to get more action on the same size fly as the water went down. A few big fish broke me off and I just thought it must be the lighter tippet. When I started to use the Double Davy with the lighter tippet everything was working again.

Anonymous said...

Love your knot but it is not a double davey as you acknowlege - it is your knot and should be recognized as such. What is your opinion of the granny and a davey knot (I'd use your knot in lieu) for joining disparate sizes of leader to tippet. A video of Davey Wotton tying this is on Youtube which I'm sure you've seen. This or a double surgeons? Thanks